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Story Selling and the Power of Words

I’ve written for several clients and brands over the years. I’ve had a hand in creating web copy, about pages, product descriptions, blog content, taglines, marketing newsletters, and more. I continue to ghost blog for several amazing clients today. If words aren’t your thing, I get it. Perhaps I can help. I’d be happy to chat and see if we’re a good fit.

A few brands I’ve worked with over the years.

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Are you Cultivating Habits of Success?


Every life is made up of moments. Those moments pass by in a blink if you aren’t paying attention. In those moments, as a human, you have the unique ability to choose what you want to happen in your next moment. That’s the beauty of your creative power and your creative mind. Humans also, by nature, veer to complacency and comfort. Your brain and body wants to stay at a certain level...

Copywriter & Storyweaver

My Name is Cori

How Can I Help?

I am a full-time copywriter, ghostwriter, and certified word nerd.

Or maybe just certifiable? Either way, words are my thing.

I believe the right words, said in the right way, at the right time, hold so much power.

If you agree, I'd love to chat more about your current projects and see if we'd be a good fit.

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