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Hey, friend.

If you’re here, it’s because you know that in this digital age of doing business, you need content, you need copy, and you need not to have to write it all yourself. Though we’re living in a world of technology and information, there’s no denying it can feel tough to keep up with how quickly things evolve.

Just bringing your business online required massive growth. First, you needed a website, then a blog, then a social media presence. Nevermind all the words required to fill those spaces.

Talk about digital overwhelm.

My goal is to help reduce some of that overwhelm. Granted, you can’t escape being online if you want your brand to stay relevant, but it doesn’t mean you must do all the things yourself.

I can help you ratchet down those levels of stress by writing the words you need, so you don’t have to. You can focus your attention where it’s needed most, in the trenches of running a kick-ass business. 🙃

I offer two ways to work with me. One-time services and short-term projects, or retainer agreements for clients who need regular content and copy. If you choose to retain me, payment for the first month is required up front, and then at the start of each month thereafter for the length of our contract.

Why Choose a Retainer Agreement?

Put bluntly, retainer agreements help us both.

They help me because I can reliably predict my monthly inflow and plan accordingly, and they help you because you can reliably predict your monthly outflow and plan accordingly.

The end result is premium content you can be proud to present to the public, delivered monthly without fail, and within your budget. Though some clients just need help with a single project, most businesses face ongoing needs for quality content to stay competitive, and my rates skew slightly lower for retainer agreements.

Working with me on retainer also means we can quickly identify when something isn’t working and change direction. You don’t have to deal with trying to get someone new up to speed. I learn the nuances of working with you, I learn the nuances of your business, and trying new things becomes a pleasurable adventure instead of a splitting headache.

Which leads to the best benefit of retaining my content writing and copywriting services; we build a relationship. I highly prize and prioritize my long-term client relationships. Not only are they great for me, they’re great for you. The more time I spend working with you and getting to know your brand, the more effectively I can deliver the content you need. Nutshell?

Your message becomes my message.

Current Retainer Rates

3 Pieces of Content Monthly$15001000-1500 Words Per Piece
4 Pieces of Content Monthly$20001000-1500 Words Per Piece
6 Pieces of Content Monthly$30001000-1500 Words Per Piece
8 Pieces of Content Monthly$40001000-1500 Words Per Piece
20 Pieces of Social Media Copy Monthly$500140-550 Characters Per Piece
Custom Packages (Large and Small)$$$Contact to Discuss!
Word counts are approximate (quality matters more than arbitrary word quotas), and can be combined for longer pieces of content (i.e. long form articles or white papers), or divided for shorter pieces (i.e. product descriptions or marketing emails). One month of unused services may be rolled over in a six month term.

Types of Content Available

I offer a range of content services, so if you need something you don’t see here, feel free to ask.

Blog Posts
Web Copy
Landing Pages
Marketing Emails
Bios and About Pages
Product Descriptions
Social Media Captions and CTAs
*Edits of Existing Content and Copy
All content and copy services are for written content only. I do not currently offer graphics or graphic design. *Editing requires a customized retainer agreement.

Ready to take your content and copy to new levels?

Get in touch, and let’s chat. I would love to see if we’re a great fit!

Copywriter & Storyweaver

My Name is Cori

How Can I Help?

I am a full-time copywriter, ghostwriter, and certified word nerd.

Or maybe just certifiable? Either way, words are my thing.

I believe the right words, said in the right way, at the right time, hold so much power.

If you agree, I'd love to chat more about your current projects and see if we'd be a good fit.

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